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You May Be a Day Trader If…(Funny Video)

NinjaTrader put together this humorous 2-minute video on how a trader’s mentality sometimes seeps into the real world…or in my case, totally permeates it! If you day trade, or have ever used NinjaTrader, I’m sure you’re in for a laugh.

I can definitely relate to a lot of these. I am forever trying to explain what I do. When I say “trader”…people assume I mean a stockbroker. I have to explain that I trade my own money solely for profit. They proceed to ask for stock tips.

And I certainly do see trends and Fibonacci ratios everywhere. I see a boxing day sale and think “50% retracement…nice!”

I used to trade futures a fair bit, and used NinjaTrader when I did. Interestingly, I did actually have those “Order Filled” and “Stop Filled” audio quips in my head for the first while.

I also relate to the risk/reward issue. I calculate this on EVERYTHING. If buying a property I look at variance in interest rates and costs relative to future income. If buying a car I look at how it holds its value, repair costs, and functionality versus price and enjoyment to drive. I consider the downside and upside in relationships…which definitely lands me in some hot water sometimes if the partner isn’t quite as calculating! Such calculations are better left internal haha.

If you trade, what are some other examples of how your trading mind seeps into the real world?

By Cory Mitchell, CMT


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