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Trading Tutorials – Trading Psychology Articles

Trading is about 90% psychology. These trading psychology articles are focused on working on your mind so you can properly apply your trading plan.

Trading Psychology Articles

9 Ways to Improve Results Through Trading Psychology – Trading psychology plays a bigger role in our results than most new traders realize. Here are 9 ways psychology may be negatively affecting your trading, and what to do to fix it.

My Biggest Trading Mistakes and How to Manage Them – My biggest trading mistakes have included letting losses run, not taking profits, hesitating on good trade setups, and being over-eager to trade (overtrading). Here’s how I manage these issues. Hopefully, my experiences will help you as well.

5 Beliefs You Must Accept to Improve Day Trading Performance – Day Trading is largely psychological. We look at how your beliefs shape your perceptions (what you see on the chart) and what beliefs you must accept to see the market clearly.

10 Reasons Traders Lose Discipline – Here is a list of the top ten reasons for losing discipline while trading, with comments and suggestions on each.

Defining Factor Makes or Breaks Traders: The Trading Losing Streak – No one likes to talk about losing, but it happens. It is how you deal with it when it happens that will determine you success.

Risk Spikes – Risk Management Mistakes that Ruin Traders – Risk spikes are risk management mistakes that ruin traders quicker than any other mistake. Here’s what it is, why it WILL happen, and how to deal with it.

Trading Psychology – The Problem of “Trading Not to Lose” – Trading not to lose is an issue almost every trader will face at some point in their day trading career, and it causes major problems. Here’s what it is, why it’s problematic and how to get yourself into an opportunity seeking mindset.

Trading Psychology – Dealing with Loss Aversion – Loss aversion is the when losses are held longer than they should because we hope the price will come back in our favor. It can cause big problems. Here’s more on what loss aversion is, what causes it and how to manage and conquer it.

Self Control in Day Trading: The Biological Factors – Psychological factors are not the only possible explanations for a lack of day trading self-control. Biological factors may also play a role.

Mark Douglas Interview – Mind Over Market Video (55 mins) – Interview with Mark Douglas, trader and author of The Disciplined Trader and Trading in the Zone. His books are definitely worth the read, and this video discusses some of the topics from those books.

Trading Mindset-Your Purpose for Trading Affects Your Results – Finding your purpose, so that trading isn’t just about money…because if it is then it can be as empty as any other career. The mindset discussed in this article is about more than trading, it’s about life.

Overcoming Trading Anxiety By Understanding the Causes and Process of Anxiety – There are only 2 causes of anxiety. And one can be used to control the other. Then, there are three ways to deal with anxiety–2 of which are destructive, and one which is the way out.

Find the Right Trading Mindset – Dependent or Independent – To become a true trader–and not someone who is reliant on someone else for signals or trade ideas–you need to take what help you can get from others, but ultimately forge your own path. Here’s how.

Trading Psychology Quirks – Availability Bias – A common human tendency, where we simply draw on how many examples of something we can think of instead of studying the facts. It can greatly affect trading…here is why, and how to manage it.

Trading Psychology – The 4 Stages of Trader Development – Four very broad stages you will go through as a traders; by understanding the stages you may be able to accelerate your progress and avoid common pitfalls.

Books that Have Had the Greatest Impact on My Life and Trading – Books that I have found of great help in getting mainly in trading psychology under control. Most of these are trading books, but have had an indirect impact.

Trading Plan Failing? Losing money in the stock market? Ask yourself these three questions – More questions to ponder if you aren’t seeing the results you want.

Video on Trading, Risk, Probabilities and Trade Management – Great video webinar on assessing risk and understanding how trade probabilities play out.

Why Buddhism Can Be A Trader’s Greatest Teacher – Finding a trading system is only the first step in trading success. Learn to foster self-awareness and emotional control through Buddhist teachings.

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