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Trading Tutorials – Trader Biographies

Trading tutorials based on trader biographies and historical accounts of some of history’s legendary and infamous traders. Their lessons live on. This list also includes some full-length trading/trader documentaries.

The Midas Formula: 1999 Documentary on the rise and fall of Long-Term Capital Management (LTCM) – It details the mathematical Black-Scholes formula that revolutionized the options industry. Its inventors received the Nobel Prize in Economics for their work, and the formula was utilized by LTCM. LTCM was a hedge fund which grew to be massive based on initial returns, but soon collapsed, almost bringing down the entire financial system with it.

How Nick Leeson Brought Down Britain’s Oldest Bank – One of the most notable “rogue traders.” A great story made popular by the movie “Rogue Trader”.

Currency Wars: Two of the Biggest Currency Raids in History – The story of the $1 Billion profit of George Soros and the $300 profit of Andrew Krieger.

Black Wednesday – Documentary on the 1992 GBP crash where George Soros made approximately $1 billion in profits.

Cancel Crash – Documentary about the 1987 stock market crash, told by the traders who were there, and arguably halted an even further meltdown.

Nova – Mind Over Money – An entertaining and penetrating exploration of why mainstream economists failed to predict the crash of 2008 and why we so often make irrational financial decisions. The program reveals how our emotions interfere with our decision-making and explores controversial new arguments about the world of finance.

Ascent of Money – 4 hour documentary on the history of money, credit and banking. Quite interesting.

Floored: Into the Pit (documentary) – A fantastic look at the Chicago trading pits, and the traders who made their livings there.

Quants: The Alchemists of Wall Street – Interesting documentary on trading and quantitative analysts/programmers–or “quants” who are behind the mathematical and financial models used today.

Stock Market History

1929 Crash (Great Crash, Great Depression, Black Monday, Black Tuesday, Black Thursday)

1987 Crash (Black Monday)

2000 Tech Bubble (Dotcom Bubble, Dotcom Boom, Internet Bubble, 2000 Stock Market Crash)

2008 Financial Crisis (2008 Housing Crash, 2008 Stock Market Crash)

2010 Flash Crash

2015 Flash Crash

Trading Parables

What Hitchcock teaches us about stock trading – Hitchcock left nothing to chance, here are his lessons to traders.

Use ‘Economic War Strategy’ in a Bear Market – What history (King Pyrrhus) teaches us about conserving resources during times of uncertainty to so we aren’t depleted when opportunities arise.

Timing in Trading – It can be everything – During the time of Napoleon, Joseph Fouche teaches us important historical lessons about how to move back and forth between one side (of the market) and the other.

Use the “mirror effect” in unpredictable markets – Mythology (and martial arts) teach through the story of Medusa that when you are uncertain about what to do, mirror the movements of your adversary.

History Teaches Us to Trade Patiently – 17th century Ming Painter Chou Young teaches just how important being patient is; if we aren’t patient with trades we will likely end up worse than be began.

In Trading Plan to the End – The story of the Prussian premier Otto von Bismarck, and how we executed his plan perfectly from the beginning and stopped when he reached his goal–a skill few people have, other they keep pushing onward failing to make a new plan.

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