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Trading Tutorials – Forex Trading Basics

Trading tutorials introducing you to the world for forex trading. These are forex trading basics you should know.

Forex Trading Basics

Forex Strategies Guide For Day and Swing Traders 2.0 eBook . Over 300 pages of Forex basics and 20+ Forex strategies for profiting in the 24-hours-a-day Forex market. This isn’t just an eBook, it’s a course, building your skill step by step.

5 Step Plan For Forex Trading Success – A strategy alone won’t make you a better trader. Follow this 5 step plan, which focuses on effectively implementing your strategies, to create forex trading success.

The Best Way to Practice Day Trading to Gain Consistency – Market Replay lets you download historical trading days (in forex or futures) and trade them as if you were trading in real-time on that day. Download and trade as many days as you like, and trade them whenever you want. Practice day trading on weekends or evenings, and trade multiple sessions in one day if you wish.

My Tactical Day Trading Cheat Sheet – This is my tactical day trading cheat sheet. It’s thing I do that make my trading easier and less complicated, so I can focus on what matters: implementing my strategies. Works whether trading stocks, ETFs, forex or futures.

How Much Money Do I Need to Trade Forex? – Scenarios for how much money you will need to trade forex based on the type of trader you are and your goals.

Why You Shouldn’t Take the Forex Bonus From Brokers – Loads of forex brokers offer a forex bonus. Don’t take it. The bonus creates issues and isn’t worthwhile. Don’t take a forex bonus till you read this.

How Much Money Can I Make Swing Trading – Here are scenarios for how much money you can make as a swing trader, based on how often you trade, the risk/reward ratio of your trades, and the capital you start with. See scenarios for stocks, forex and futures.

Understanding Forex Market Hours and Sessions and Their Impact – How forex sessions can affect different strategies. A trading tutorial on which hours of the day have certain tendencies.

Forex Day Trading with $1000 (or less) – A blueprint for how to build an income with a small day trading account, by effectively utilizing risk controls, leverage and trading on a small time frame for a few hours a day.

Where to Set Stop Loss When Trading – An article on video on where to place a stop loss when trading, you minimize risk on your trades.

How to Get the Most Out of FreeStockCharts.com When You Start Forex (or Stock) Trading – a great, free, real-time charting site you should know about.

What a Student is Learning About Forex Trading – A student learning forex shares tips and insights about he is learning and working on.

MT4 Tips and Tricks: Making MetaTrader 4 Trading and Analysis Easier – Tips for using the most popular forex trading platform.

Forex Session Indicator MT4 – Download an indicator which highlights the various global trading session.

Best Time of the Day to Day Trade Forex – The best time to trade major forex pairs based on hourly volatility studies.

Dealing with Decreasing Volatility in the Forex Market – When volatility drops (or rises) your strategies may need to altered. Here is how to monitor volatility, and things to consider.

How to Exit Forex Trades Properly – Most traders spend more time planning and contemplating entry points than exit points. While proper trade entries are important, most seasoned trading veterans agree that trading success relies on how a trader exits their trades. The goal of this article is to provide various exit methods you can use to attain a profitable edge in the forex market.

Position Sizing Strategy for Forex Trading – How to determine what positions size to take…this is extremely important for long-term success.

Differences in Forex Data Feed Can Affect Performance – Slight variations in prices between brokers can mean a big difference in your profitability.

How to Use Forex Volatility Stats – How to use the forex volatility statistics provided on the Daily Forex Stats page to filter trades and assess market conditions.

How to Use Forex Correlations Stats – How to use the forex correlation statistics provided on the Daily Forex Stats to filter trades, uncover hidden risks and opportunities.

How to pick a forex broker that is right for you – Picking a broker is a big deal, here is a no BS guide to help you pick the best one for your trading style.

How Much Forex Leverage? – Leverage is a double edged sword, here are specific examples of how much leverage to use based on your trading style and account size.

How Much the Spread Affects Forex Day Traders – Forex trading isn’t free (even though you may not pay a commission), that spread affects you much more than you think.

Understanding Rollover in the Forex Market – How rollover can affect your profits, and how to see if you are getting a good rollover rate.

What is Forex Trading – Introduction to forex trading

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