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Trading Tutorials – Investing Basics and Strategies

Here you’ll find trading articles on how to get started in investing, as well as investing strategies.

CAN SLIM Investing Strategy – Screening, Entry and Exit Methods: The CAN SLIM investing strategy seeks out growth stocks with solid fundamentals and strong price momentum. Learn how to find, enter and exit these trades, as well as see proof that this strategy far outperforms the S&P 500. We have also added in some alternative entry and exit methods which can sometimes provide better entry points and simpler profitable exits.

Top Trader’s Magic Formula Investing Strategy – The Magic Formula is an investing strategy designed by Joel Greenblatt, a professor and former hedge fund manager. According to Mr. Greenblatt, the strategy averaged returns of 30%/year. Learn the strategy below. Also addressed is whether the strategy still works (and whether Greenblatt’s numbers are accurate), potential variations of the strategy and things to consider when utilizing the magic investing formula.

Nassim Taleb’s Barbell Portfolio Investment Strategy – The barbell investing strategy, advocated by Nassim Taleb, can take many forms and may be structured in such a way that some of the holdings take significant (well above average) advantage of market movements, while another part of portfolio is very low risk and isn’t affected by major market moves. Another type of barbell portfolio is to include assets that fall on opposite ends of a chosen spectrum.

How to Find Good Dividend Stocks to Invest In – Learn how to find good dividend stocks to invest in by quickly filtering through available dividend stocks for ones that offer a great yield as well as capital gains potential. This dividend stock strategy can be utilized by investors, or day or swing traders seeking to put unused capital (currently sitting in a bank account, or other low-yielding financial product) to work for a higher return.

How Day Traders (or anyone) Can Increase Wealth – Whether you have a big income or a small one, start building wealth by taking a few steps in the right direction. These steps include building consistency (in trading or your other incomes), investing properly and creating additional income streams.




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