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Swing Trading Videos to Ramp Up Your Forex Profits

The 6-part, totally free, Forex Swing Trading in 20 Minutes Video Course shows you what forex pairs I trade, the time frames I track, two of the major strategies I use, how I manage risk, and how I fine-tune my exits.

This mini-course is a great supplement to the Forex Strategies Guide for Day and Swing Traders eBook. The eBook covers a lot of material, including more strategies and forex basics if you are new to this market.

Each one these videos includes a little write-up with more information. Watch the videos in order, as concepts in later videos may not make sense if the prior videos aren’t watched.

Video 1: Pairs to Follow and Setting Up Charts: See the pairs that I trade (monitor) and how I set up my charts.

Video 2. Time Frames and Trending Strategy: See the timeframe combinations I use for swing trading, depending on whether you want to more or less active (check for trades nightly, or just once or twice a week). Also, see one of my favorite trend strategies.

Video 3. Crotch Strategy and Strong Support and Resistance: A look at STRONG support and resistance, which is different than normal support and resistance. Once you know this concept, you can take powerful reversal trades with it, that quite often have huge reward-to-risk ratios (I will be talking about fine-tuning profit targets in a later video, so you can really capitalize on these opportunities).

Video 4. Position Sizing and Risk Management: How to manage risk and how to get the correct position size, on every trade, so that you stay within your risk tolerance. In other words, positions are never too small or too large, they are just right.

Video 5. Setting Profit Targets to Maximize Gains: How to fine-tune your profit targets, so you can make big reward:risk trades while still having a good chance of the price reaching that target.

Video 6. Managing Trades Once In Them: Ways to manage your trades once in them. Managing a trade is when you adjust your stop loss or target once you are in the trade. I discuss when this can be done, and when it shouldn’t be done.

Please share these videos if you enjoy.

Cory Mitchell, CMT

The Forex Strategies Guide for Day and Swing Traders eBook is a great comprehensive introduction to forex, with strategies and analysis techniques to succeed (with practice). For additional longer-term strategies, designed to be more passive while still generating daily interest income, see the Forex Strategies Course For Weekly Charts.  


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