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A Comprehensive Review of Capital.com

Author: Tony Loton Updated: June 17, 2022

Capital.com review: Deep insights to get the most out of this award-winning broker

Capital.com is an award-winning CFD broker where you can trade more than 6,000 financial instruments. This review goes into detail to give you the best and most up to date Capital.com analysis to help you decide whether or  not to sign up. Below we explain how it all works and why this rates as one of our favourite brokerage platforms.

Overview of Capital.com review

  • More than 6,000 assets available to trade

  • Award-winning mobile app

  • AI-powered feedback on your trades

  • No commissions or fees

  • 70+ technical analysis tools

Capital.com Pros and Cons


Commission-free trading
No charge for deposits or withdrawals
AI-assisted trading to eliminate mistakes
CFDs mean you can trade long and short


Charges overnight fees on all assets
Variable spreads mean it can’t always offer the best price
Not available to US users

What is Capital.com and how this CFD trading broker works

Capital.com is a CFD broker that lets you buy or sell thousands of financial assets. Its main selling points are that it makes trading very easy, particularly through its mobile app, and that it uses unique software to provide feedback on your trades.

The software comes in the form of an artificial intelligence algorithm which reviews your trades and trading behaviour and helps you understand your biases. The platform also offers a lot of technical analysis tools to help you make good decisions in the first place.

The fact it’s a CFD broker offers more flexibility than you get from other platforms. CFDs are ‘contracts for difference’ that reflect the value of a particular stock, currency, commodity, or cryptocurrency. You can short (sell) CFDs as well as buy them, and it’s possible to trade them with leverage to make your money go further.

Capital.com Regulation: Does it hold any licence?

Capital is regulated in the UK, Australia, and in Europe and is licenced by the relevant financial authorities in those jurisdictions. The full list of licences held by the company is below: 

  • United Kingdom. Registered as Capital COm (UK) Limited in England and Wales. Authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority, registration #793714

  • Australia. Registered as Capital Com and regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission under an Australian Financial Services Licence, #513393

  • Cyprus. Registered as Capital Com SV Investments Limited with the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, licence #319/17

Capital.com review: How to use Capital.com in the US

Capital.com is not available in the United States. CFD trading is banned in the US which means that anyone who lives there can’t sign up for a service like capital.com. 

Review of trading on Capital.com

Capital.com is an extremely easy broker to use and offers a huge variety of different financial assets. We found it easy to trade any major stock from the US and UK, as well as from most stock exchanges in Europe and Asia. Likewise, all the major and minor currency pairs are available and there are plenty of indices you can trade too.

All of these assets are available through the demo account as well, which gives you plenty of flexibility when it comes to practicing. The demo account is one of the best we’ve seen and gives an accurate reflection of a real trading experience.

The only drawback we could see is that the interface can be a little confusing. We found the main homepage to be an information overload where it’s difficult to find exactly what you’re looking for. The trading interface also offers up a lot of information but it’s also flexible so you can create a layout that suits your eye.

Trading Platforms and Tools

AI-assisted trading

One of the main selling points of the platform is its artificial intelligence algorithm that teaches you how to be a better trader. Capital describes this software as an ‘eQ patented AI trader bias detection system’. In layman’s terms, that means it uses artificial intelligence to track your trades and detect patterns, then offers feedback and advice to help you improve.

This service is activated by default so you don’t need to switch anything on. It will simply crank into gear and start suggesting improvements if you make a series of losing trades.

Free demo account

Every user has easy access to a free demo account. When you choose a demo account you’re immediately assigned 1,000 virtual dollars that you can use on any asset that’s supported by capital.com. Obviously, you can’t make any profits on this money but you can use it to learn the ropes without risking any of your starting capital.

In the account settings you can add accounts in different currencies or add as many free demo accounts as you like. This is a great way to try out different strategies and track the results, as well as offering beginners an opportunity to get their mistakes out of the way in a safe environment.

Analysis tools

The trading interface offers more than 70 different technical indicators, which is more than enough to perform proper analysis in the same place that you make trades. This saves time and money, as you don’t need to sign up for two services or keep switching between windows.

Few brokers offer as many analysis tools and often you need to use a service like TradingView to research and prepare your trades. Again, all of the tools are available as part of the demo account, which plays into the high rating we give that side of the platform. 

Capital.com review: Deposits and Withdrawals

Capital prides itself on the fact that most services on the platform are free and there are no hidden fees. That means there are no fees for deposits or withdrawals.

  • Payment methods: Deposit via bank transfer, credit or debit card payment.

  • Minimum deposit: The minimum deposit is $20 and there are no fees to deposit.

  • Minimum withdrawal: The minimum withdrawal is $10 and there are no fees to withdraw.

Capital.com Fees

Most services on Capital.com are entirely free, such as deposits, withdrawals, and most trading services. All educational content is free and you don’t have to pay anything to get access to the full range of charts and analysis tools.

Capital makes its money from spreads and overnight fees. The spread is the difference between the buy and sell price of an asset, while an overnight fee is charged when you keep a CFD position open overnight. The fee is charged as a percentage, so you might pay 0.02% of the value of your trade as an overnight fee.

Customer Support on Capital.com

We found customer support to offer quick responses to our queries. Their contact details are easy to find, so you can call or email customer support to get help, and there are plenty of FAQs to answer the most common questions. This is a much better service than we have seen elsewhere.

Final thoughts on Capital.com: a great broker for serious traders

Capital is a great broker for highly active traders, particularly day traders or scalpers. There’s a lot of useful analysis tools to help you identify when and where to make trades and the fact it’s a CFD broker means it’s suited to fast-paced traders who operate on shorter time frames.

Part of the reason for that is the fact the overnight fees could become an issue for day traders or anyone looking longer term. There are better brokers elsewhere for that trading style.

Otherwise, the full package on offer with Capital.com is extremely good. Tools like the AI-assisted trading and the demo account are useful for traders of all experience levels and almost any asset you could wish to trade is available through the platform.

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