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The Race for a Coronavirus Vaccine Intensifies

2020 is like no other time in modern history, we are at a stage where both medical and scientific resources have the same direct common goal, to find a cure for the coronavirus as soon as possible. This comes with the backing of governments as well as private individuals and pharma giants who are all collaborating  to find a  vaccine for the Coronavirus.  

The recent European Commission global funding campaign generated almost €8 billion with the purpose of finding a vaccine, and increasing the testing capacity. The idea is to bring together the world’s top scientists and have enough funding to accelerate the research and development process.

Progress is already being made on the other side of the Ocean. Pfizer, the New York pharma giant, announced this week that it already started trials on U.S. patients with its experimental vaccines. Working in strong collaboration with a German company, the trial involves over three hundred patients of various age groups.

Other companies like Moderna have been testing a drug on patients since March, while Sanofi announced  it is ready to do the same.

Shortening the Approval Cycle

Critics argue that we are still at least one-year-and-a-half away from having a vaccine for the masses. They argue that this is the normal span of time to develop and test before going to mass production.

While this is certainly true in normal times, these are not “normal” times. With economies around the world in lockdown, there is unprecedented support, both politically and financially to find a scientific solution to coronavirus.

As such, processes that otherwise would have taken more time due to lack of funding can be shortened and bureaucratic procedures skipped – all with the same common goal.

The Pfizer trials, for example, come at the end of a lightning-fast approval process – less than four months passed from preclinical studies to human testing, reflecting all parties willingness to cooperate for the common goal. Authorities, regulators, corporations, and governments have never agreed on something as important as finding a vaccine.

With all sectors coming together during these times of crisis. There is significant hope that it is just a matter of time until a cure will be found. The world just needs to hang in there a bit longer.

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