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Tesco Stock Price in Focus This Week as the Interim Results Announcement Is Due

Tesco investors prepare for the interim results announcement scheduled on Wednesday. Tesco stock price is flat on the year, recently rejected from £2.6 area.

Tesco is a U.K.-based retailer with operations in other European countries, such as Hungary, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic. The company releases its interim results on Wednesday, and investors are focusing on their potential impact on the Tesco stock price.

Tesco stock price went nowhere this year. It opened the trading year more or less around the same levels as today, after struggling at the £2.2 area for a few months. It rhas ecently made a new high for the year but was rejected ahead of this week’s results.

What Are Tesco’s Financial Projections for the Years to Come?

The market estimates Tesco’s revenues to increase significantly from £57.89 billion in 2021 to £65.3 billion in 2026. Moreover, the net profit is estimated to double over the same time horizon. The company reported a dividend of £0.10 in 2021, lower by 13.69% compared to last year. This year in April, Tesco announced EPS of £0.012.

What Do Analysts Say About the Tesco Stock Price?

There are 15 analysts offering 12-month price targets for Tesco share price, and the median target is £3.0273. The highest forecast is £3.3, while the lowest is £2.2.

Tesco operates with a gross profit margin of 6.85%. In 2021, cash reserves fell by £1.05 billion. The five years annualised earnings per share growth ranks the highest in its industry, despite the fact that earnings per share excluding extraordinary items growth dropped. 

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