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Splinterlands hits milestone with 2.32M daily rentals

Splinterlands has seen over 2 billion games played on its platform, with the blockchain game recently hitting a 2.32 million landmark in a single day.

Splinterlands, one of the most popular play-to-earn blockchain games today, set a new record recently, cementing its status as a pioneer in the NFT rentals market.

On 15 April 2022, the Splinterlands game recorded 2.32 million daily rentals, the highest ever on s single day.

Commenting on the milestone, Splinterlands CEO Jesse “Aggroed” Reich noted:

We recently shared that we hit 2 billion games played, and now we’re here, reaching another remarkable milestone in the history of NFT rentals. We look forward to achieving more of these in the future.”

Rent and play… and win

NFT rental markets launched on the P2E platform in July 2021, and have become popular with players after it opened up further opportunities for rewards.

Players can use rented cards to play and earn, eliminating the need for card purchases. With as low as 1,100th of a cent, a player can invest in the Splinterlands game and seize on the accessibility to play for enticing rewards.

One player who reportedly started with just $10 ended up accruing gains of up to $17,000, the platform said in a press release.

Players can also earn by simply renting out their cards to other gamers in the system.

Other than card rentals, Splinterlands’ NFT markets offer access to game titles, totems, packs, skins and land. The platform announced last week that it was eyeing a node program, with $1 billion in burn and rewards in the mix.

Dappradar ranks Splinterlands as the top blockchain game today and developments such as validator nodes are essential as it seeks to expand in the gaming and Web3 industry.

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