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Here’s where to buy Workhorse Group stock: one of the world’s most shorted companies

Workhorse Group (NASDAQ: WKHS) remains a company with an enormous amount of interest with a whopping 36.03% of its total float shorted according to MarketWatch.

This article discusses the investment opportunity that is Workhorse Group. We discuss its origins, its future investment prospects, and explain why it may be poised for a dramatic short squeeze, leading to exponential price accretion.

To start this article off in the most helpful way possible, the paragraph below contains our list of the two best places to buy Workhorse Group stock in the UK and elsewhere. Simply scroll down, choose one of them, and buy WKHS shares today.

Where to buy Workhorse Group shares online

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What is Workhorse Group?

It is a small corporation that operates as a manufacturing company. The long-term vision of WKHS is to develop and manufacture electric-powered fleet vehicles, both for the delivery and utility sectors.

Having been founded in 1998 in Ohio, it remains a modest EV player, with just 100 employees and 2 locations across North America.

Because of this lack of credentials and a seeming inability to generate rapid shareholder returns, some major financial institutions have adopted a bearish stance against WKHS shares, opening up significant short positions.

This, in turn, has allowed retail investors, many of which populate Reddit investment forums like WallStreetBets, to speculate about the potential opportunity for a short squeeze. This is when a heavily-shorted stock has its price boosted higher and higher via buying pressure and short sellers are forced to cut their losses, leading to even more growth.

Should I buy WKHS stock?

For investors with an appetite for risk and rewards in equal measure, Workhorse Group stock could be a good asset to consider. The fundamental value of the company is questionable, but if retail investors remain persistent, it could still be poised for a major bump in its share price.

However, for value investors who are more averse to risk, or for individuals looking for something more stable, predictable, and less based on market sentiment, Workhorse Group shares are probably an investment to avoid.

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