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Ghanaian Artist Kojo Marfo announces his own NFT series

The NFT collection showcases Kojo Marfo’s unique Akan and Picasso-inspired works.

London-based Ghanaian artist Kojo Marfo has announced his own non-fungible token (NFT) series that is set for minting throughout April, according to a press release shared on 28 March.

The artist, whose works take inspiration from traditional Akan artifacts, sculptures, and Pablo Picasso, will work on the NFT collection with London-based JD Malat Gallery.

According to the press statement, Marfo’s NFT collection is meant to highlight the “strong links” between the digital world and physical works.

Marfo plans to use the collection to reach a new audience for his artworks as he seeks to take his social message to more people. 

The NFT collection is thus set to enhance the connection between the artworks the artist puts forth and the digital world where artists are finding an increasingly popular avenue to communicate issues and commentary on society.

The NFT collection will be created via “a base of 250 characteristics distributed through an algorithm to generate unique NFTs.” Through it, Marfo seeks to showcase his artistic vision. He’ll also use proceeds from the sale to donate to charity.

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