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Gaotu Techedu Shooting Up 19.3% – Is GOTU the Next GME?

GOTU’s shares are down some 97% in the past 14 months. With a 52-week high of $149.09 and a current share price of $4.01, the rumours on social media associate it with GME’s meme stock status.

The year 2021 was a hot one for short squeezes. The entire investing community bubbled up with GME and other meme stocks that had impressive performances, regardless of what analysts said. Now, Gaotu Techedu is surprising the stock market – with a 52-week high of $149.09 and a current price of only $4.01, this may be the next meme stock.

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What Is Gaotu Techedu?

Gaotu Techedu (NYSE: GOTU) is a Chinese company that provides tech education services, foreign language courses, among others, in Mainland China.

Should I Buy Gaotu Techedu Today?

The Chinese stock shed more than 95% of its value this year. For only $4 per share, the stock looks extremely cheap, especially if we consider its Q2 results reported on the 22nd of September that showed an increase of 35% in revenues.

GOTU’s stock price decreased massively this year as the Chinese regulators put pressure on the Chinese for-profit education businesses. Since July, all such companies require new approvals for their government-issued licenses, a measure that follows the authorities’ concerns that for-profit education businesses widen the gap between poor and rich families, while students are subject to predatory tactics that involve unapproved curricula.

The company’s future looks not so bright, but it may be able to pull a miraculous strategy to turn things around. Or, the company may turn into the next meme stock, with short-squeezers back into the highlights once more this year.

Gaotu Techedu Price Prediction 2021

It’s difficult to predict GOTU’s stock price given its high volatility in the last 14 months. Make sure you use risk management tools to protect your capital if you decide to invest in this risky stock.

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