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Floored: Into the Pit Documentary (Watch)

VantagePointTrading Team

Floored: Into the Pit, is a great documentary about the Chicago trading pits. It was released in 2009 and discusses the wild ups and downs of the traders who made their living on the Chicago trading floor.

If you have never had the chance to watch this full-length documentary, watch it below! It’s brutal, honest and the language is colorful. It is worth watching a first, second or third time.

And while the pits have pretty much all but disappeared, we pay our respects to the pit traders. These guys paved the way from us “computer traders”. It’s a different business, and sometimes sitting in front of a computer screen we forget that not too many years ago most of us would not have the luxury of being able make an income from anywhere in the world doing what we love.

While the documentary is entertaining, it also provides lessons.  Watch. Learn. Enjoy

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