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ContextLogic shares more than double: what are the best platforms to buy WISH stock?

ContextLogic (NASDAQ), also known as Wish.com, has been on a steady downwards trajectory for most of this year. Now, it has surged in value by more than 70%.

Given this dramatic growth, many investors have been wondering how to buy WISH stock. That is exactly what we explain in this article.

Scroll down to get an overview of what ContextLogic is, what its investment prospects are, and the best places to buy WISH shares.

Where to buy ContextLogic stock online

If you want to invest in WISH stock, you need to sign up to a reliable stockbroker. These are comprehensive services that allow retail investors to create and control a diversified investment portfolio.

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What is ContextLogic?

Founded in 2010 and based in San Francisco, ContextLogic is the developer and operator of Wish, a leading mobile shopping platform and app that offers cut-price deals on all manner of products.

The website now churns out around $2 billion in annual revenue, and with 900 employees worldwide, further growth is always on the cards.

Why is WISH stock on the rise?

Because it has been designated as a ‘meme stock’ by the Reddit community, WallStreetBets. These investors have made it their mission to drive up the value of any stock they see fit.

Should I buy WISH stock?

If you want to trade sentiment and you aren’t worried about the fundamentals, and if you are looking for a high-risk, high-reward opportunity, WISH could be a good option.

WISH price target

Our WISH price prediction is in line with that of the top analysts, though it is worth noting that social media could quickly change things. Our 12-month median is $24 and our median is $19.

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