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Carver Bancorp stock skyrockets 230%: here’s where to buy now

Carver Bancorp (NASDAQ: CARV) shares have absolutely exploded in value this morning, and investors have been expressing their interest across social media. This article delves into why and provides the key information you need to know before investing in Carver Bancorp stock.

Find out what Carver Bancorp is and what it does in this article. We have collated all of the crucial information you need to make a successful investment in the company.

In addition, our team of analysts have conducted research to produce a price forecast and an outline of the company’s future potential as an investment.

To start things off, and to help you buy CARV stock right now, we have listed the two best places to buy and sell Carver Bancorp shares in the UK and elsewhere below.

How & where to buy Carver Bancorp stock online

We have selected the two options below because of their low fees, quality interfaces and strong customer support. They are undoubtedly two of the best platforms to buy, sell and trade Carver Bancorp shares.

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What is Carver Bancorp?

It is a publicly-traded financial company that is listed on the Nasdaq stock exchange. It offers various consumers banking services through the Carver Federal Savings Bank, including deposit products for both retail, institutional and governmental consumers.

The company is surging in value because of a short squeeze initiated by retail investors, which we first covered in mid-June. As one of the most heavily-shorted stocks on the market, investors are applying heavy buying pressure to force the CARV stock price up, making institutional short sellers cover their positions.

Should I buy CARV shares right now?

Whether or not you should buy Carver Bancorp shares right now depends on your own individual investment strategy. If you want to be involved in a high-risk, high-reward short squeeze that could generate massive rewards, then it could be a good buy.

However, if you are looking for something more stable and secure, you may be better off looking elsewhere.

CARV price target 2021

Our Carver Bancorp price prediction for 2021 is a maximum 12-month price of $15, meaning this is a stock that is currently trading far above its fundamental value at more than $27.

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