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BlackBerry Up 18% As ‘Meme Stocks’ Craze Continues – Where to buy BB

BlackBerry (BB) is enjoying a bump as online investors take an interest in the erstwhile global leader in smartphones

BlackBerry has become the latest so-called meme stock, enjoying the interest of online investors who have also aided in the fortunes of GameStop and AMC Entertainment of late. It’s 65-day trading volume is 803% above average, and was up as much as 30.8% during trading last Friday. Blackberry appears to be benefitting solely from what is known as market sentiment, which is when a stock reacts positively or negatively based solely upon how investors are reacting to it. This phenomena was seen during the dot com bubble around 20 years ago, when companies with no clear profitability saw their share prices soar as investors sought to get involved in the latest ‘big thing’. Amazon and Spotify were also aided by market sentiment a few years ago, as both saw massive interest from the public, but were yet to become profitable, and there was no clear indication of if and when they ever would be.

Where Can I Buy BlackBerry Stock?

BlackBerry is freely tradeable as a major listed company in Canada. We recommend using one of the following sites for your transactions


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What is BlackBerry?

BlackBerry, formerly known as Research in Motion (RIM), dominated the mobile phone market during the early days of smartphones, and was the global leader during the early 2000s with its handsets with integrated keyboards. The combination of rudimentary Internet access and e-mail functionality made it a firm favourite among businesses, and became synonymous with mobile connectivity. Indeed, the brand became so well known that the company changed its name to match the product. The advent of the iPhone and the surge in Android-based mobile phones was the death knell for BlackBerry, however, and by 2013 the company was looking for a buyer as its financial position diminished to an unsustainable level. Since then, it has moved away from mobile telephony and focuses now on secure communications for enterprises.

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