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Binance-backed Mavia partners with Machinations for a healthy in-game economy

Mavia will receive a “Verified by Machinations” seal and benefit from further monitoring as it seeks to optimise its in-game economy.

Blockchain-based Heroes of Mavia and game economy prediction platform Machinations.io have officially teamed up in an effort to boost the gaming economy.

Announced on Thursday 24 March, the collaboration is set to see the two platforms work together towards developing a sustainable and healthy in-game economy.

Mavia, developed by Skrice Studios,  is quickly becoming a giant in the massively multiplayer online (MMO) strategy game sector, while Machinations is the “first and only browser-based” solution that offers a research-based platform for modeling, predicting, and optimising game economy.

Apart from Mavia receiving the “Verified by Machinations” seal of approval, the game will tap into Machinations' Game Economy Health Monitoring Service, with developers able to use live telemetry and Web3 data to fix any issue related to Mavia’s game economy.

Tristan Chaudhry, Managing Director of Skrice Studios, noted that partnering with Machinations was crucial to their mission.

At Mavia, we are determined to create the best experience for our players. Our standards demand the best graphics, and the game economy must be sustainable long-term. We are pushing the boundaries of what it means to make a AAA quality blockchain game.”

Heroes of Mavia has received investments from Binance and Crypto.com Capital among other top crypto-focused venture firms. With the broader GameFi on the rise, gaining trust in the ecosystem is key to game developers.

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