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Adobe’s Behance adds Phantom Wallet support enabling Solana-based NFTs on user profiles

Behance users will be able to showcase their Solana and Ethereum NFTs on their profiles once they connect their Phantom wallet.

Behance has announced support for Phantom wallet, a move that the Adobe-owned creative network says now allows people to showcase non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on their profiles.

The support means that customers can now easily connect their Phantom wallets and be able to showcase their Solana-minted NFTs on their Behance profiles.

Solana addresses transaction costs issue

According to Adobe's VP of Product Will Allen, the integration of the wallet is critical as many people look to showcase NFTs but are hindered by the prohibitive transactions fees on the currently popular NFT platform Ethereum.

Many Behance users are currently showcasing on their profile the NFTs they minted on Ethereum. Some, though, have concerns about the energy use of Ethereum and the high transaction costs. As a Proof of Stake chain, Solana addresses this,” Allen said.

Behance believes adding support for Phantom opens the space to creatives seeking to mint NFTs at significantly lower costs.

According to Adobe’s VP of Product, Solana makes this possible. He notes that a single transaction on the crypto platform only uses “as much energy as a Google search and costs a fraction of a penny.”

Customers can leverage tools such as holaplex to mint and even set up NFT stores on the Solana blockchain. Advanced users can look to tools like metaplex that offer full technical control, while connecting with the Solana NFT marketplaces opens up more opportunities for artists, he added.

For this integration, Behance partnered with the QuickNode team, a Web3 infrastructure development platform with a focus on the Solana blockchain.

Protecting artists and collectors

Behance users will soon have their Solana addresses added to the social network’s Content Credentials tool in Photoshop. This, he added, will help creatives and artists get credit for their work.

Adobe is working to have the wallet integration available for more chains, as well as rolling out “more advanced” features that will “help inform artists when their work is stolen,” Allen said.

His remarks follow numerous cases of artists losing their works to fraudsters due to lack of tamper-evident artwork provenance.

In October last year, Behance partnered with NFT marketplaces Rarible, Opensea, KnownOrigin and SuperRare to ensure content authentication on minted works. The deals saw the display of provenance data on the above platforms, increasing the protections artists and collectors enjoy.

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