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Learn to Swing Trade Stocks – 17 Video Course

Download the Stock Market Swing Trading Video Course. 17 videos that include stock market basics, as well as versatile strategies showing you how to swing trade the stock market efficiently and effectively whether prices rise or fall.

Created by Cory Mitchell, CMT

To read comments and testimonials, check out the Course’s permanent page. Below is the Course summary.

The Stock Market Swing Trading Video Course provides everything new and experienced swing traders need to be effectively and efficiently swing trade stocks. The course covers how to analyze price charts efficiently, focusing on the few key metrics that really matter. Several strategies are revealed that stand the test of time in terms of working whether prices are going up or down.  It also shows how to find trades; a strategy is only useful if we can easily find stocks to apply the strategy to. Stock market basics, how to place orders, position sizing, and risk management are also covered. These lessons reveal how we can win a good percentage of our trades, while still keeping our winning trades much bigger than our losing trades.

Learning only a few select and powerful strategies is efficient because there are countless methods for trading, but learning them all is impossible and time-consuming. Focus on a few strategies that work, get good at implementing them and then repeat, repeat, repeat. The nice thing about swing trading, which is taking trades that last several days to a couple months, is that we only need to spend about 20 minutes every few days finding trades and implementing the strategies. This is done by watching the price of a stock move up and down, and then buying and selling it when the strategies dictate (as outlined in the course).

cory mitchellThe Stock Market Swing Trading Course is produced by me, Cory Mitchell, a Chartered Market Technician (CMT), member of the Market Technicians Association, Canadian Society of Technical Analysts and by extension the International Federation of Technical Analysts. I became a full-time trade in 2005.

I worked for six years as a proprietary trader for a trading firm(s), doing one of the toughest jobs on the planet (also the most fun)–extracting profit every single month; if I didn’t make a profit, I didn’t get paid (no salary, everything was dependent on performance). These are stock strategies forged by a relentless dedication to trading, and tens of thousands of trading hours and trades. In 2011 I moved my focus to trading independently and helping others by sharing what I’ve learned. I freelance/write for, and have been vetted by, some of the largest financial sites in the world, including TheBalance, Stock & Commodities magazine and Investopedia, among others.

The course is broken down into sections. Each section contains an educational component, where you are guided through a PowerPoint presentation. Then there is a component where charts are used to show how the information is applied.

What You Will Learn in the Stock Market Swing Trading Video Course

–No BS, just solid trading education.

An efficient method of trading; I have included only the things you need to know, so you don’t waste your time reading or watching videos that don’t help you. Also, once you know the strategies, you can implement them in about 20 minutes every few days.

Receive more than 12 hours of video, a Trading Checklist eBook, and a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) eBook. Checklists make sure you are only taking trades based on the strategies and concepts discussed in the course.

How to effectively practice and implement the information you will learn. You will need to put in practice time if you want to get good at these strategies. I provide you with exercises throughout the course so you can practice what you learn.

Learn all the stock market basics you need to start swing trading effectively and with confidence. 

To utilize this course effectively you should have $10,000+ in trading capital, and at absolute minimum $5,000+.

–How to place trades (order types) for the strategies you will learn. What type of order is used for each trade can dramatically affect profitability. The course shows you which ones to use under various circumstances.

swing trading example in CENX

How to read stock price charts, and how to analyze them, including free resources you can use to practice your chart reading ability. For swing trading, you don’t need to spend loads of times analyzing the financial health of a company or reading news reports. Instead, swing traders focus on price charts. The price chart shows how the price of the stock is actually moving. It is the change in the share price that makes us money, so our job is to analyze the share price (I show you how) and then take advantage of trends and reversals within the share price.

How trends operate and reverse, and how to trade them, utilizing a trend-following strategy and a reversal strategy. During trends and reversals is where big money can be made…if you have strategies to capitalize on the trends and reversals (what this course is all about).

–The course covers how to find and trade USA and Canadian stocks that meet the strategy criteria. The strategies and information can be used to trade other global stocks, but examples are not provided.

stock market swing trading course reversal example
Example of reversal trade in ACHC.

How to find trading opportunities whether the price of a stock goes up or down.

I show you how to find the stocks you should be trading. Finding the best stocks to trade is what typically takes about 20 minutes every few days.

stock market swing trading course example
Making money on trend trade in TCK.

–What to do with your positions around earnings announcements or other major news events. 

How to determine the exact number of shares to take when making a trade, based on your account size, the stock you are trading, and your risk limits (also taught in the course). This is part of risk management. Does buying 100 shares or 1000 shares matter? It sure does!

What type of stocks NOT to trade. There are certain types of stocks that are just too risky and that have a greater tendency to produce big losses. I discuss which types of stocks never to swing trade.

–How to make sure your winning trades are bigger than your losing trades. This makes it much easier to stay profitable even if we have a stretch of poor performance.

Exercises throughout the course show how to master the concepts discussed. Just like a sport, you have to practice and do the exercises to get better in order to start building that secondary income!

–Bonus Videos show you how to find and trade the Most Explosive Stocks in the Stock Market.

–Learn how to collect massive gains from stocks that have entered a “sleeper” phase but are setting up for a big rally.

Utilize a target method, or the versatile trailing stop loss method to capitalize on those stocks that keep running in your favor.

KEM swing trade example

Get the more than 12 hours of video instruction, a Trading Checklist eBook and a FAQ eBook for $249 USD.

Make 2018 the year where you start building that secondary income stream.

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$249 USD

(Note: The course download is a .zip file of approximately 3.5 GB. Be sure you have enough space on your computer/device for the download. Download speeds will vary. All videos are .avi format and the Checklist and FAQ eBooks are .pdf format. Download links are emailed out immediately; if you don’t see an email from us, check your junk mail.)

Video on what you will learn…

How much do you value your time?

There’s loads of free trading information on the internet, but how much time are you spending trying to compile that information into a usable trading methodology? How much time is spent filtering through, well…crap? Save yourself the stress, time and confusion.

Invest in yourself. Get more than 11 hours of video instruction, a Trading Checklist eBook and a FAQ eBook for $249 USD. 

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$249 USD

(Note: The course download is a .zip file of approximately 3.5 GB. Be sure you have enough space on your computer/device for the download. Download speeds will vary. All videos are .avi format and the Checklist and FAQ eBooks are .pdf format. Download links are emailed out immediately; if you don’t see an email from us, check your junk mail.)

This Stock Market Swing Trading Course is 100% Guaranteed:

If you follow the steps and guidelines in this course and you don’t think you’re a better trader because of it, I will refund you 100% of the purchase price within 30 days*.  I don’t guarantee trading profits–that’s up to you, and putting in the practice necessary–yet I do believe the information contained in this course will greatly improve your chances of becoming a profitable trader. 

Please note that you are paying for the course, and not personal mentoring. Personal trading advice is not provided with your purchase price.

* Purchase price is refunded via PayPal. Refund must be requested within 30 days of purchase and an email sent to investing [at] vantagepointtrading [dot] com explaining why you are unsatisfied, and if you followed the guidelines as outlined. This helps me see what needs to be explained more precisely, and where traders are typically struggling.


Risk disclosure: All views expressed in the Course are my opinion. The strategies contained in this Course are subjective in nature, which means they require practice and fine-tuning as you progress and as market conditions change. Individual trading results vary. This Course should not be viewed as personal investment advice for you. I don’t know your personal financial situation, nor your financial goals or risk tolerance. Consult with your financial advisor before acting, as my opinions may not necessarily align with your long-term goals or risk tolerance. All stock trading involves substantial risk of loss, and it is possible to lose more funds than you initially deposited with your broker if you are using leverage.

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