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Free Charts – NetDania NetStation and NetDania Mobile App Review

NetDania offers a number of trading and charting platforms, free of charge, to retail users. NetStation is the flagship desktop platform, while NetDania Mobile provides charts, quotes and trading capabilities on your smart phone.

NetDania NetStation

If you want access to global quotes at your fingertips, NetStation delivers. See quotes and charts for most stock markets around the globe, as well currencies/forex, commodities, futures, indexes and money markets. Once on the NetStation page, click Launch NetStation. Download the small file which allows you to launch NetStation directly from your desktop.

The platform is customizable. You decide what information you want to see and how it is organized. Save various platform layouts, one for trading or researching stocks and another for trading/researching forex, as an example.

Create multiple quote lists to see all your favorite trading instruments with all their pricing details.

Add an economic calendar to your screen, show the latest news, or tune in to Bloomberg TV.

Hook NetStation up with your trading account (a number of brokers are compatible) and set alerts using price or indicators to let you when an asset has neared your potential trade level.

Like any platform, there is a bit of learning curve, but NetStation is very easy to get the hang of. It is a great free charting platform. A couple other nice features include the ability to change time zones on the charts. Even a few more popular trading platforms, like MT4, don’t offer that.

One drawback is the advertisements. Although, compared to the most free charting platforms, the ad is small and not really noticeable. Getting rid of the ads costs $9.49 for 3 months, or $23.99 for a one-year premium subscription, which also gives the ability to set up to 1000 alerts on your account.

Another drawback is the inability to expand and contract the X and Y-axis by dragging them with the mouse. This isn’t a huge deal, as there are zoom in and zoom out buttons, but there are times I like to manipulate the axis, especially the price axis, and NetStation lacks that functionality.

Overall thoughts: It’s a nice, functional, lightweight charting/trading platform with few major drawbacks.

Here is a sample layout. Notice all the instruments on the left, along with watch lists, news, an economic calendar and charts. Of course you can set your platform up however you like. Each section can also be expanded, so one of the small charts can be quickly expanded to full screen by clicking the rectangle in the upper left corner of the feature.

netdania netstation review

NetDania Mobile

If you want charts, quotes and/or trading capabilities on your Apple or Android phone, NetDania Mobile is a good choice. I have it installed on my phone, and use it regularly to keep track of stocks, commodities and currencies when I am away from home. Just like NetStation, with the Mobile version global exchanges are at your fingertips.

Create watch lists to monitor what interests you, then click on a symbol to see a chart and recent news on that asset. For a mobile app, the charts are great. I like that you can expand or contract the X and Y axis with your fingers, to quickly zoom in or out on the price data.

You can also check out the economic calendar, read the latest news headlines and set alerts for when an asset hits a certain price or triggers a technical indicator.

Like NetStation, create different layouts, including watchlists, charts and other features.

netdania mobile reviewIn terms of drawbacks, as with most free apps there is an advertisement constantly along the bottom of screen. It is small enough that it isn’t too bothersome. There is also sometimes a full-page ad when you launch the app. Getting rid of the ads costs $9.49 for 3 months, or $23.99 for a one-year premium subscription, which also gives the ability to set up to 1000 alerts on your account.

One other drawback is that when the app updates, it automatically pushes news alerts. Quite often that has resulted in my phone pinging randomly in the middle of night. I then need to open the app and change the setting back to Push Notifications-Off. If you like news alerts on your phone, keep Push Notifications-On.

Subscriptions works for both Mobile and NetStation, assuming you log in with the same account for both. Therefore, one subscription removes the ads and gives you full functionality on both platforms.

Overall thoughts: Great mobile app for quotes, charting and trading (with select brokers). Ads are a minor annoyance, but part of using a free product. I use this app myself fairly regularly for checking in on my trades, or potential trades, when I am not at home.

Other Charting and App Options

I use TradingView.com for most of my chart analysis. I like the look, feel and the features it offers.

I also have the Investing.com app on my phone. It is similar to the NetDania app, yet I find it a little simpler to navigate.

By Cory Mitchell, CMT


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