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Forex Investing Strategy with 30-Year Track Record

A few years ago I was introduced to a forex trader, former hedge fund manager and forex instructor. While pedigree doesn’t matter when it comes to making money, this guy definitely has it, and has been making money in the trading industry for a long time as well. Here are some stats on forex trader Dr. Corvin Codirla:

  • B.A and Masters in Mathematics, University of Cambridge, Triple First and Distinction.
  • Ph.D. University of Cambridge, Theoretical Physics, Stephen Hawking’s Team.
  • Quantitative Trading Systems, Brevan Howard, the biggest European Hedge Fund.dr. corvin codirla
  • Head of FX Options Strategy, Barclays Capital, briefing Central Banks and Pension funds on profitable trading strategies. My strategies sold more than $1bn worth of business.
  • Futures and FX Trader at Peloton Partners, in charge of $100mm portfolio.
  • Deutsche Bank High Frequency Desk, developing intraday strategies.
  • CCFX, my Hedge Fund with $50mm in assets at peak. 73% since inception, with a Sharpe Ratio of 2, and awarded Top 10 Award by BarclayHedge in 2015.
  • 15 years in the trading industry, working for and with some of the best traders in the industry.

If you want to get into forex, who you are learning from matters, and this guy knows his stuff. What I find so interesting about Corvin though, is that he takes a totally different approach to forex trading than I do…and to most people. Forex trading is viewed by many as the “Wild West”, full of short-term speculators, big hedge funds, banks and very few long-term investors. Yet forex is one of the best investments around, when you know how to do it. Trends in the forex market (currencies) often last multiple years, even decades, because currency price movements are based on economic factors that are typically slow to change, such as interest rates and supply and demand for global trade and services.

Dr. Codirla has created the FX Master Course. Learn strategies he used to bolster his hedge fund into one of the top performing in the world, receiving a BarclayHedge Top 10 Award for Net Return in Currency Trading. One of his strategies has a 30-year history of consistent investor returns.  You can check out his forex investing strategies (as well as some of his short-term forex strategies) via theFX Master Course homepage.

Dr. Codirla breaks down what drives currency prices over the long run, and provides proven ways to capitalize on these long-term trends (as well as quite a few fx-master-course-strategy-30-year-track-recordmethods for shorter-term trading as well). Unlike my own forex trading, which is more short-term in nature and requires trades each month to generate returns, Dr. Corvin’s investment method is much more hands off. A “make money while you sleep” approach, which is more typical of longer-term investing strategies. One of Dr. Corvin’s forex investing strategies is used by some of the best fund manager’s in the world, and has a track record of consistent profits extending back 30 years.

Dr. Codirla breaks down what you need to know to trade his method into educational pillars:

Pillar 1: The Foundations

  • Trading is a business, so it is important to define what drives profitability and how profitability and performance are measured.
  • Traders can make above average returns, but to know if you are on the right path you need to know what stats to measure, how to measure those stats, and what to compare your stats to.

Pillar 2: Understanding FX Markets

  • To understand forex, you need a basic understanding of interest rates, and how they are used globally in relation to currencies. This basic understanding allows you to create an “index” (like the S&P 500 in the stock market) that helps you navigate where trading opportunities lie.
  • With an understanding of interest rates, and Central Banks, it is possible to capture advantageous prices when Central Banks make their interest policy announcements which occur regularly throughout the year in all major countries.
  • By understanding what methods the Central Banks use to create their interest rate policy, you can determine the likely path of interest rates, and how the Central Banks are likely to act…as well as determine when these organizations are behind or ahead of the curve.
  • In addition to interest rates, other macroeconomic factors need to be considered. Upon these factors, a portfolio of undervalued and overvalued currencies can be constructed, as currencies tend to move in long-term oscillating price patterns (overvalued to undervalued, and back again, etc).
  • These oscillating patterns can take a long time, so along the way there are regular opportunities to capture the price trends that are present.

Pillar 3. Tactical Strategies

  • With a firm handle on what causes currency prices to move, and how they move, you are ready to start making trades using time-tested strategies.  You need strategies for the long-term which help keep you grounded in the overall picture, as well as short-term strategies that allow you to lock in returns on a more regular basis (when justified to do so).
  • You need to know how to place the trades that you should be placing based on what you learned in Pillar 1 and Pillar 2.
  • You need clear-cut rules to follow, that tell you when to enter and exit your long-term trades, and when short-term trades are justified.
  • At this point, the strategies are completed by looking at other factors such as stop loss placement (limiting your risk on each trade), assessing market sentiment, seasonality and distinguishing “real” price moves from the “noise” and fake-out moves which forex traders are often frustrated by.

Additional Pillars help make your trading journey easier.

Pillar 4. Setting Up Your Tools

  • How to track your trades.
  • Choosing currencies for shorter-term trading (he has lots of these strategies as well).

Pillar 5. Basic Programming for Traders (optional)

  • Many traders are interested in making their trading more automated, taking some of the emotion out of their trading, and letting their trading strategies and trading platform do more of the work. A basic introduction to forex trading programming will aid in this.

The FX Trading Master Course guides you through all these pillars, as well as a lot more, in a comprehensive forex trading course based a long history of solid returns. You get:

  • 16 Hour FX MasterCourse Video Programme with Q&A session from Live Seminars
    The FX Trading Master Course Video Programme will cover theory, Q&A, trading software and a rule-based method of trading the FX Markets backed up by data. To firm up the theory you will be able to follow the model portfolio and use this FX Benchmark as a cornerstone to your developing trading career.

At the end of the Video Program you will be on an equal footing with the Pros.

  • Complete Six-Step Training
    My six-step system guides you quickly and easily to a deep and profitable understanding of the FX Markets. It is a framework that is Recession, Depression, GFC, Grexit, and Brexit proof.
  • Coverage of how to trade fundamentals
    An objective method to track fundamental news and determine how it will impact currencies. This is an objective method that removes the need to second guess headlines or subjectively interpret news events.
  • Unique Custom Set of Tools for Excel and MT4
    You will receive a complete tool set which allows you to monitor the markets and construct all the necessary benchmarks to trade your long-term core positions and deploy short-term tactical trades.
  • Tactical Trading Strategies that continue to work
    Every long term strategy can be improved with shorter term trading strategies that can boost returns. I teach methods that can be statistically verified, and implemented easily.
  • A Proven Framework that you Can Trust
    The FX Trading Master Course provides you with a FRAMEWORK to interpret the FX Markets. This Framework gives you the flexibility to think on your own feet, and start to gain control of the FX Markets. It provides you a platform from which to grow and develop your own trading career.
  • Become part of the FX Master Course community
    FX Master Course is here for the long term. Both in trading and generating a trading tribe. You will have access to a trading community, have the opportunity to be partnered up with trading buddies, and have access to updated portfolios which correspond to the material that you cover in the course.

If you have considered diversifying your portfolio with exposure to currencies, this course guides you through what you need to know. I recommend checking it out, as initial feedback on the course has been great. You are sure to learn a lot, covers very different material than I cover in my Forex Strategy Guide, and yet obviously what this guy is doing is working.

If you want more information, check out the FX Trading Master Course homepage here.

Cory Mitchell, CMT

Dr. Codirla has created the FX Master Course. Learn strategies he used to bolster his hedge fund into one of the top performing in the world, receiving a BarclayHedge Top 10 Award for Net Return in Currency Trading. One of his strategies has a 30-year history of consistent investor returns.  You can check out his forex investing strategies (as well as some of his short-term forex strategies) via theFX Master Course homepage.

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