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Best Renewable Energy Stocks to Buy In 2022

For decades scientists have been warning humankind of the dire consequences their fossil fuel-powered economic activities have on the environment. We are currently experiencing its adverse effects, and suddenly everybody is talking about clean fuel. 

Innovations and technological progress have brought the cost of renewable energy production and distribution down, and more and more people are buying into the clean energy future. Our guide highlights the best renewable energy stocks to buy in 2021.

Where can I trade renewable energy stocks?

To be part of the clean energy boom, you can trade through traditional broker-dealer firms and online brokers, which will give you access to renewable energy stocks. However, if you are interested in having control over your investment portfolio 24/7, online brokers are the only viable option. Moreover, this way you can have all the renewable energy stocks under one trading platform.

We've shortlisted the best renewable energy stocks to buy in 2022 and you can start trading them in our recommended brokers by clicking on the buttons of the following table.

NextEra Energy (NEP)
User Score
NextEra Energy is the world’s largest producer of wind and solar energy.
Market Cap of 146.42B as of February 2021.
The company’s shares have tripled in the last five years.
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SolarEdge (SEDG)
User Score
SolarEdge provides smart energy technology solutions including power optimisers and solar inverters.
Solaredge Market Cap of $14.89B as of February 2021.
The company has had a strong return in the last five years with more than 240% gains in 2020
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First Solar (FSLR)
User Score
US-Based First Solar was considered as one of "The Smartest Companies of 2017" by the MIT
FSLR manufacture and sell photovoltaic (PV) solar systems and PV powe plants
Quaterly revenues have grown at an annualized average of 13% (acc. Nasdaq)
Payment Methods
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Renewable Energy Group (REGI)
User Score
Renewable Energy Group is the largest producer of biodiesel in the United States.
Market Cap of 3.708B as of February 2021.
REGI stock is up 256% in the last six months.
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Canadian Solar (CSIQ)
User Score
Its solar PV modules and large scale solar projects set is a good prospect in the sector
CSIQ went public at $15 on Nasdaq Stock Market in 2006
One of the best "value" stocks within the solar industry, with a P/E Ratio of 18 (Jan. 2021)
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What are Renewable Energy Stocks?

Renewable energy, also known as clean or green energy, refers to natural resources or resources that can be naturally restored. Renewable energy is not a new concept to humankind. It fell out of favour during the industrial revolution as being more cost-effective for large scale energy production. Since then, technology has shifted the sentiment towards renewable energy in terms of cost and the impact on the environment and its ecosystem. 

Renewable energy stocks are in for significant growth on the back of global pro-clean energy policies, climate and weather intensification, and increased consumer awareness and behavioural changes. To be a part of the clean energy boom, make sure to invest in renewable energy stocks through share ownership or speculating their prices through contracts of differences, CFDs.   

How to trade and invest in renewable energy stocks?


Open a Trading Account

Find a broker that offers renewable energy stocks and open a trading account with them. Deposit funds into the account and ensure the broker acknowledges the deposit.


Choose Renewable Stock

Decide on whether to take part in speculative trading or take ownership of the renewable energy stocks.


Place Trade

Research on both technical parts and fundamentals of the industry and place trades with shares that have high potential.

Top 10 renewable energy stocks to trade

These are the best renewable energy stocks to buy in 2021 that have the potential for growth while protecting our environment for future generations. 

The top renewable energy stocks for 2021 are:

  1. China Recycling Energy Corp [CREG]
  2. NextEra Energy [NEE]
  3. Hannon Armstrong Sustainable Infrastructure [HASI]
  4. SunRun [RUN]
  5. Fusion Fuel Green PLC Class A [HTOO]
  6. General Motors [GM]
  7. Tesla Inc [MTNB]
  8. NIO [NIO]
  9. Ormat Technologies [ORA]
  10. Enphase Energy [ENPH]

China Recycling Energy Corp [CREG]

It does not get cleaner and greener than China Recycling Energy Corp. This Chinese company uses recycled materials in various industry sectors like mining, agriculture, and construction to manufacture energy saving ballasts and equipment and produce energy. It has a market capitalisation of $37 million, with average diluted earnings per share growth of 92.5%. If you care about the environment and want to save the planet for the future generation, CREG is a stock to monitor. 

NextEra Energy [NEE]

NextEra Energy is an electric power infrastructure company and the parent company to Florida Power & Light, NextEra Energy Resources, and Gulf Power. Through its NextEra Energy Resources segment, it produces, distributes, and transmits wind and solar energy. As more people adopt green energy use, this renewable energy stock has room for growth. It has a market capitalisation of $158 billion with an average annual dividend payout of 1.7%.

Hannon Armstrong Sustainable Infrastructure [HASI]

Hannon Armstrong offers both financial and consulting services, providing capital and specialised expertise in the efficient-energy sector. The company is interested in reducing carbon emissions and has offerings that increase resilience to climate change. With the global spotlight on global warming and how to mitigate its effects, the HASI stock seems to be poised for a bullish run. It has a market capitalisation of $4.5 billion, with average diluted earnings per share growth of 105.5%.

SunRun [RUN]

This US company designs, markets, sells, and installs consumer solar energy solutions. It is a significant player in the residential solar energy sector. The company is in the process of expanding its solar grid services. This, coupled with the newly elected Biden pro-green energy administration, makes the bullish outlook of this stock. It has a market capitalisation of $14.7 billion, with average diluted earnings per share growth of approximately 20%.

Fusion Fuel Green PLC Class A [HTOO]

Fusion Fuel specialises in the production of green hydrogen-based energy. As more people move from conventional energy sources, Fuel Fusion's proprietary micro electrolyzer technology might be the golden goose that keeps giving. This Dublin company has a market capitalisation of $190 million.

General Motors [GM]

General Motors is an old dog of the automaking industry, but it learns new tricks. GM's adaptability to emerging technologies that affect automakers will be the key to maintaining bullish sentiment with several electrical vehicle offerings in the markets and the investors attracted by EV stocks. With the market for EVs just in its infancy, GM’s commitment and its strategic positioning will allow it to take advantage of this market. It has a market capitalisation of $75.2 billion, with average diluted earnings per share growth of approximately 73.5%.

Tesla Inc [TSLA]

Tesla is the new kid on the block in the automaking industry but a pioneer in the electric vehicle sector. With its cult following and the direction of co-founder Elon Musk, it has diversified into making industrial clean energy storages and consumer solar batteries for home backup. It has a market capitalisation of $755.8 billion with average diluted earnings per share growth of 75%.


Chinese company NIO Inc. is one of the leading manufacturers of premium Electrical Vehicles and EVs financing, a leading innovator in next-generation artificial intelligence, connectivity, and autonomous driving. Its offerings extend to after-sales solutions such as home chargers, power express valet services, and service packages. It has a market capitalisation of approximately $70 billion.

Ormat Technologies [ORA]

Ormat Technologies is a giant in geothermal production and power recovery with a presence in North America, Asia, and Africa. The company is also big on solar energy storage and has an excellent development pipeline to keep churning green products to the eager masses. With its technology to produce clean renewable energy, it is the future of the renewable energy sector, which spells a bullish outlook for the ORA stock. The company has a market capitalisation of $6.1 billion, with average diluted earnings per share growth of 1%.

Enphase Energy [ENPH]

Enphase provides clean home energy solutions through its solar photovoltaic products. As more policies become more clean-energy-friendly, Enphase solar modules and cutting-edge inverters will propel a bullish move for the ENPH stock. The company has a market capitalisation of $23.9 billion, with average diluted earnings per share growth of approximately 20%.

Expert tip on investing in renewable energy stocks

The most significant deterrent to large scale adoption of renewable energy is policies. Close monitoring of clean energy fundamentals is the key to investing in this emerging market. Make sure you read and follow all major fundamental and macroeconomic events or data which could impact these markets.
- VantagePointTrading Team

Why invest in renewable energy stocks?

Technological progress has made not only commercial but also consumer clean energy a cheap option. As countries learn from the green energy bigwigs Germany, Denmark, and South Africa, pro-renewable energy policies are expected to sweep over the globe spelling a bullish outlook for renewable energy stocks in the long-term.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. All of the renewable energy stocks discussed here are the top stocks to buy in 2021.

  2. Absolutely. Clean energy is the next frontier market that has the potential to become a megatrend.

  3. In financial terms, the strongest renewable energy stock company is Tesla with a $755.8 billion market value.

  4. Anyone can invest in renewable energy stocks.

  5. Renewable energy stocks are an excellent beginner investment due to their potential to become a megatrend in the future.

  6. Renewable energy stock companies are popular due to their positive impact on environmental preservation.

  7. Online trading of renewable energy stocks is available 24 hours a day during weekdays.

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