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Best 3D Printing Stocks to Buy In 2021

The 3D printing industry has emerged as one of the most promising industries of our time. It incorporates new technologies, and already governments and companies in the private space have invested huge amounts due to the impressive growth prospects. This article covers the top 10 3D printing shares to buy in 2021, highlighting the industry trends and why investors should care.

Where Can I Buy 3D Printing Shares?

Trading in the 21st century goes through brokerage houses. Online trading made it possible for traders to be able to pick the right broker by comparing the costs, products, and markets they give access to – feel free to choose one of the online brokers we’ve handpicked for you that give access to 3D printing stocks.

We've shortlisted the best 3D printing stocks to buy in 2021 and you can start trading them in our recommended brokers by clicking on the buttons of the following table.

3D Systems Corp (DDD)
Our score
3D Systems Corp was founded in 1986.
Has been listed on the NYSE since 2011, and is part of S&P 600.
The company purchased Gentle Giant Ltd in 2014.
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Stratasys Ltd (SSYS)
Our score
One of the best rated stocks in the 3D Printing Industry.
Stratasys has a market cap of $2.63 billion.
The company announced a $100 million acquisition of Origin, a 3D printing startup.
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Proto Labs Inc (PRLB)
Our score
One of the biggest opportunities on the 3D Printing industry.
Market Cap of 4.22B as of February 2021.
PRLB stock is up about 107% over the past one year.
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Materialise (MTLS)
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Materialise was founded in 1990 and is headquartered in Belgium.
Strong return over the last year.
Market Cap of 2.67B.
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Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co (HPE)
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Founded in 1939 makes HPE one of the oldest tech companies to exist.
The revenue of the company is 28.9 billion USD (2019).
Hewlett Packard Enterprises owns several impressive subsidiaries.
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Overview of the 3D Printing Companies

The 3D printing market is one of the most promising markets currently, with an estimated CAGR (Compounded Annual Growth Rate) of 29.48% by 2025. The largest market for the companies active in the 3D printing industry in North America, while the fastest-growing market by 2025 is estimated to be Asia-Pacific. 

3D printing stands for additive manufacturing, and the technology is used to create objects using an innovative, more agile production method. The industry encompasses various printing technologies, such as binder jetting, polyjet, or selective laser sintering (SLS). This is a competitive space for market players, as it appears to be dominated by few large companies. 

As such, the majority of the market share is owned by top players such as Stratasys or GE Additive. Most of these companies are listed on stock exchanges and can be traded either via direct share ownership, via ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) or CFDs (Contracts for Difference). It all depends on the brokerage house used and the place of the investment in the overall portfolio. 

What Are the Trading Hours for 3D Printing Shares? 

Depending on the financial product used to invest (e.g., common shares, ETFs, CFDs), the trading hours may differ, but not by much. Most of the leaders in the industry are listed on the U.S. stock exchanges, as the United States remains the largest capital market in the world. However, some products trade outside the regular market hours, as the broker may give access to futures trading (i.e., continuous trading). Also, the industry is well represented in the advanced economies, so many of these companies are listed on stock exchanges in Europe as well. 

How to Trade And Invest in 3D Printing Shares?


open a trading account with a broker

Make sure the broker offers printing stocks and open a free virtual account to practice, then a live account.


make a deposit

Decide how much money you would want to invest and then Select your preferred method of depositing funds and fund your account


start trading

Start investing in an industry that rises at an extremely fast pace

Top 10 3D Printing Shares to Buy

The list below comprises the 10 best 3D printing companies to buy in 2021 based on their growth and market share. 

  1. Stratasys
  2. 3D Systems Corporation 
  3. Proto Labs Inc.
  4. ExOne Co. 
  5. General Electric Company (GE Additive) 
  6. HP Inc
  7. SLM Solutions 
  8. Align Technologies 
  9. Straumann
  10. MGI Digital Technology


A U.S.-based company active in the 3D industry, it is involved in additive manufacturing solutions for everyone – enterprises, businesses, and individuals. 

  • Market capitalization - $2.85 billion
  • Up 165% on the year so far
  • Choose one of the three possibilities to gain exposure to Stratasys – buying common shares, an ETF that holds it, or trading a CFD
  • After a double top pattern formed in 2013-2015 at $125, the share price traded below $10 for some time, but not it is on a bullish move, close to $50
  • Strong preliminary Q4 numbers

3D Systems Corporation

An American company based in Rock Hill, South Carolina, it is involved in all three phases of 3D-printing – engineering, manufacturing and selling.

  • Market capitalization - $5.95 billion
  • It soared over 300% this year alone 
  • Investors can buy shares or trade over 60 ETFs that hold 3D Systems (e.g., IJR, PRNT)
  • A major short squeeze happened lately, with the share price climbing from $11 to almost $50 in less than a month

Proto Labs Inc.

An e-commerce driven digital manufacturer of computer numerical control machining and 3D printing such as SLS or Multi Jet Fusion (MJF).

  • Market capitalization - $5.8 billion
  • It soared over 40% Year To Date (YTD) 
  • One can buy common shares on New York Stock Exchange or ETFs that track the 3D printing industry 
  • Share price rose over 10x since 2012

ExOne Co.

This is a company that manufactures 3D printing machines, but not only – it is also involved in the developing and marketing of other products and services to industrial companies all over the world. 

  • Market capitalization: $802.75 million 
  • It is up over 400% YTD 
  • One can get exposure by buying common shares, an ETF that holds it or speculating on the Contract for Difference (CFD)
  • The price consolidated for many years, and exploded higher in 2021

General Electric 

A high-tech industrial company doing business on all continents. Its GE Additive arm is directly involved in the 3D printing industry.

  • Market capitalization: $99.86 billion 
  • The company suffered from intense competition but a restructuring is undergoing and so the perspectives look bright 
  • To gain exposure, one can own common shares or ETFs that hold GE 
  • GE is in a steady decades-long downtrend but recently bounced from the lows and doubled in value 
  • GE up 10% after the last earnings release

HP Inc 

Everyone knows Hewlett Packard but few know that the company is involved in the 3D printing industry 

  • Market capitalization - $33.72 billion
  • It increased its revenues considerably during the COVID-19 pandemic as people invested in small home-offices and spent more time online and working from home 
  • Listed on the NYSE, it is easy to buy common shares, an ETF that holds it or a CFD, depending on the broker you’re working with 
  • Up 20% YTD 
  • Declared a dividend of $0.1938 recently

SLM Solutions

SLM is a German company that offers metal-based additive manufacturing solutions both in its local market as well as internationally.

  • Market capitalization - $536.05 million
  • Up 97% YTD 
  • Traded in the Prime Standard of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, or on the “grey market” as traders call it 
  • It reached a low of $7.22 in the summer of last year, but now bounced over $20

Align Technology

Another American company based in Arizona, Align Technology uses 3D printing technologies for its scanners and services for orthodontists and general practitioner dentists.

  • Market capitalization - $48.92 billion
  • It lags other competitors in the industry, up “only “16.11%” YTD
  • Listed on Nasdaq
  • On a steady move up in the last five years, rising from below $100 to over $600 recently
  • EPS beat by $0.47 on the last quarter


A direct competitor to SLM Solutions, Straumann is another German company involved in the 3d printing industry by offering its customers tooth replacement and orthodontic solutions. 

  • Market capitalization - $19.11 billion
  • In a steady bullish trend in the last five years, up over 300%
  • Listed on the SIX – Swiss Stock Exchange 
  • February 16th – quarterly release for the FY 2020

MGI Digital Technology

A French company active in the digital printing and finishing equipment for the graphic industry. 

  • Market capitalization - $422.65 million
  • Down 7% in one year – potential for a strong comeback? 
  • Over-the-counter U.S. 
  • Rated strong buy by many analysts

Expert Tip On Investing in 3D Printing Shares

Like any relatively new industry, 3d printing has the potential to grow at a bigger CAGR rate than, say, old or traditional industries. For this reason, investors favor gaining exposure as 3D printing gains a wider adoption across various industries in recent years.

Why Invest in 3D Printing Shares?

The 3D printing market had a market value of $13.7 billion and is expected to reach almost $65 billion by 2026. The SLS technology is expected to lead the market into new areas, including aerospace, defense, or automotive.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. That would be 3D Systems – huge short-squeeze in a promising industry and large market capitalization with over 95% float.

  2. Because of the promising industry and the double-digit CAGR over the next five years, the 3D printing industry offers bigger opportunities to invest than the traditional industries.

  3. Proto Labs – it sits on over $118 million in cash and cash equivalents and over $350 million in retained earnings while accounts receivable exceed accounts payable.

  4. Anyone with the intention of diversifying a classic portfolio.

  5. General Electric – this is a huge, consolidated and solid business, that runs a 3D printing industry as part of a much-larger corporation.

  6. It offers numerous opportunities in production, architecture, materials or construction systems.