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6 Trading Psychology Articles to Help You Improve

Trading psychology is one of the most important elements of trading, and some small tweaks in psychology can produce much more favorable and consistent trading results. While most traders focus on learning as many strategies as they can, our psychology is what allows us to implement those strategies effectively…or prevents us from doing so.

Trading Psychology – The Problem of “Trading Not to Lose” – Trading not to lose is an issue almost every trader will face at some point in their day trading forex courses for beginnerscareer, and it causes major problems. Here’s what it is, why it’s problematic and how to get yourself into an opportunity seeking mindset.

5 Beliefs You Must Accept to Improve Day Trading Performance – Day Trading is largely psychological. We look at how your beliefs shape your perceptions (what you see on the chart) and what beliefs you must accept to see the market clearly.

Overcoming Trading Anxiety By Understanding the Causes and Process of Anxiety – There are only 2 causes of anxiety. See what they are. Then, there are three ways to deal with anxiety, 2 of which are destructive and one which is the way out. If you experience anxiety while trading, this is a must-read.

How to Bust Out of a Trading Losing Streak – No one likes to talk about losing, but it happens. It is how you deal with it when it happens that will determine your success.

How Availability Bias I Secretly Sabotaging Your Trading – A common human tendency, where we simply draw on how many examples of something we can think of instead of studying the facts. It can greatly affect trading…here is why, and how to manage it.

Risk Spikes – Risk Management Mistakes that Ruin Traders – Risk spikes are risk management mistakes that ruin traders quicker than any other mistake. Here’s what it is, why it WILL happen, and how to deal with it.

Hope those help you out!

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